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Stem Cells are specialized cells in our body that are activated once there is any injury or disease and try to restore the normal function of our body. With age their activity and number starts declining but there are areas in our body where their activity and number stays high throughout life. These areas include Bone Marrow, Blood, Adipose Tissue (Fat) etc. As Stem Cell Transplant physicians we collect Stem Cells from these areas and deliver them where they are required to bring that tissue or organ back to normal.hohe sneaker damen weiß  папки 10бр  pantalon chino homme skinny  przez te dresy zielone  secret life of pets funko pop  philips wekker kind  modern love مترجم الحلقة 2  ottoman gardens kolonya hasbahçe  ottoman gardens kolonya hasbahçe  лампа биоптрон цептер  رسم فنجان قهوة سهل  אוזניות מעולות לאמפי 3  alex blandino jersey  hero 8 diving case  modern love مترجم الحلقة 2 

There are two types of stem cell Transplant, autologous and allogenic. In an autologous transplant, stem cells are collected from the same patient and transplanted whereas In an allogeneic transplant, stem cells are collected from a matching donor and transplanted into the patient to suppress the disease and HLA matching is a must in this type of transplant. Allogenic stem cell transplant comes under the name of Bone marrow transplant. In our center we only do autologous stem cell.


Stem Cell Transplant is the latest and most cutting edge technique for the treatment of Patients with various illnesses and is becoming a popular option worldwide for the treatment of those diseases that did not have any adequate management available.

Stem Cell transplant has provided hope for the treatment of many diseases that were thought to be untreatable in the past throughout the Globe. There are almost 100 individual diseases that can be treated through stem cell transplant today and more and more treatments are being added frequently. Some of the examples of diseases that can be treated through Stem Cell Transplant include, Neurological diseases like Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, ALS, MS etc, Cardiovascular Diseases like Heart Attach (MI), Congestive heart failureetc, Autoimmune Diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, Type I Diabetes etc, Musculo-skeletal diseases like Osteoarthritis, Tennis elbow, Frozen Shoulder, Muscular Dystrophyetc, Vascular Diseases like Buerger’s Disease, Critical Limb Ischemia, Diabetic Foot etc, GI Diseases like Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis etc and Skin and Hair diseases like Aging skin and Hair fall to name a few.

There is no lab available in Pakistan today that can process and separate Stem Cells and for this reason we have collaborated with a TurkishcGMPcertified Cell Processing and Storage Facility. We have already started treating patients in Pakistan with the help of the services of ATI-GEN Cell in accordance with International Recommendations and the prevailing law of HOTA, MoH Pakistan.

With the help of our Certified GMP Facility we have added the following treatments that we couldn’t offer to our patients before

  • Cord Blood Banking
  • ATI-Chondro
  • ATI-Melano
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cells



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